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Tsunami QuickBridge 62000 Series from Proxim

The Tsunami® QB-62000 from Proxim is a multi Gigabit wireless backhaul solution that exceeds 4G speed requirements in a package that is the smallest in the industry.

The Tsunami® QB-62000 is a high capacity, extremely reliable and cost-effective, Point-to-Point (PtP) wireless backhaul solution. The Tsunami® QB-62000 delivers data rates of 1Gbps full Duplex for a total of 2 Gbps .

The Tsunami® QB-62000 comes in an all ODU package that is the smallest in the market at 7x7 inches. Coupled with the widespread availability around the globe due to its use of the license exempt 60 GHz band, this means the Tsunami® QB-62000 can be deployed almost anywhere within hours. Tsunami QuickBridge 62000 Series from Proxim

Superior Performance
Gigabit per second full duplex data rates for a total of 2 Gbps makes this one of the highest capacity wireless links available.
-  Acting as a layer 2 bridge, latencies through the radio are less than 50 usec
-  Implementing a robust modulation scheme allows the Tsunami® QB-62000 to cover up to 1km at full data rates.

License Exempt 60GHz Operation
-  Operating in the 60GHz license exempt band allows rapid deployment with no licensing fees or delays.
-  The Tsunami ® QB-62000 operates in the middle of the 60 GHz band, ensuring the product meets regulatory compliance in the maximum number of countries allowing sales  around the globe.

Smallest Unit on the Market
-  The Tsunami® QB-62000 implements state of the art components to reduce the size of the device to 7x7 inches.
-  This tight integration also includes an integrated antenna, keeping line loss to a minimum.
-  Weighing only 2.5 Kgs and with an extremely small wind loading, the Tsunami® QB-62000 is able to be installed almost anywhere – light poles, monopoles, and more.

Ease of Installation and Operation
-  All ODU construction keeps installation clean and simple.
-  Powered by PoE+ the Tsunami® QB-62000 just needs a single cable to provide power and data connectivity with cabling up to 100M long.
-  Fully manageable via a Web GUI interface and additional supporting protocols such as SNMPv3, the Tsunami® QB-62000 can easily be integrated into existing NMS operations.

Common applications for the Proxim Tsunami ® QB-62000:
-  Backhaul to a Central POP Avoid expensive installation and recurring charge of a wire line backhaul to a remote POP 
-  Leased Line Redundancy Eliminate  recurring OC12 leased line charges with one time installation charge of a QuickBridge link
- High-bandwidth Last Mile Access Use QuickBridge to deliver TLS (Transparent LAN Services) to corporate parks, connecting buildings and their Gigabit LANs
- Inter-POP Redundancy Avoid downtimes caused by a wire line backhaul failure by adding a QuickBridge link as an inter-POP redundancy

Tsunami ® QB-62000 product data sheet Proxim pdf