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Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT Point-to-Point Radio

Carrier Class Broadband Wireless

Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT Point-to-Point Radio

The RAD Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT is a carrier-class radio that belongs to the RAD Airmux-400 P Series and supports 4.9 to 5.8 GHz frequency range.  The Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT radio complies with FCC/IC & FCC regulations with a factory default of 5.8 GHz FCC/IC. Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT delivers up to 250 Mbps throughput with an integrated antenna.

Highlights of this RAD Airmux-400P include:

RAD Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT Microwave patter from RAD Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT

RAD Airmux-400P/ODU/F58F/INT Radio Information:

Operational bands for the Airmux-400P/ODU/F58/INT

Data Sheet for RAD Airmux-400/P/ODU/F58F/INT PTP Radio Data Sheet for RAD Airmux-400/P/ODU/F58F/INT PTP Radio  RAD data sheet