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Copper and Fiber Cables for Use With Your RAD Products

Almost every application will require some type of cables. Some are copper and some are fiber-optic. There are power cables, configuration cables, serial data cables, network cables and much more. RAD offers a wide range of cables for their equipment. Certain cables may also be included with a specific product but this is not always the case. You need to refer to the data sheet or consult with your Cutter Networks representative about your specific application. Sometimes you may also need custom cables and Cutter Networks can assist you. The cable may need to be longer or shorter for your specific application or perhaps it requires special markings. If you have a specific need, let us know.

In addition to copper cables, there are fiber optic cables. There are simplex (single-strand) and full-duplex (dual-strand) fiber optic cable. The cables can be multi-mode fiber for short reach applications or single-mode for longer distances. Cables can have LC, SC, ST, FC connectors. Custom cabling is more common with fiber optics than with copper. Cutter Networks can assist you with fiber optic cables for many of your applications.