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RAD ETX-203AX Part number constructor tool

The ETX-203AX part number constructor tool is available exclusively from Cutter Networks Inc, a RAD solutions partner.

This tool will assist in constructing an ETX-203AX part number however there may be some less common options not listed in this tool. If you have questions, please contact Cutter Networks, a RAD solutions partner.

Operating Temperature:

Software package:

Network Interface:

Two Ethernet network ports or network and user port

Ethernet user ports


Optional services and enhanced support:

The ETX-2 family is a group of robust carrier demarcation devices with many features. To insure that you get optimum perforance and benefit from this device, Cutter Networks recomnmends that you consider the following optional support services. Other services are available upon special request.

We recommend a 5 year support contract at one of the following levels:


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Data sheet for RAD ETX-2 Data sheet for RAD ETX-2