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Oil and Gas Applications

Solutions Using RAD MP-4, OP-106, OP-108, RICi-E1/T1 SecFlow and Vmux

In the Oil and Gas industry, the sites might be remote. Links may have limited bandwidth and the RAD Vmux for perfect for those purposes with a 16:1 voice compression.

RAD Vmux offers a 16:1 voice compression which is important when the WAN links are limited or very expensive.

Other needs in the Oil and Gas industry include multiplexing various types of low speed data, voice and Ethernet. This is and and Oil application where the RAD Megaplex sets the standard for performance. With just a single box, extend any mix of analog voice, sub-rate data, multiple T1s, Fast Ethernet, data and video surveillance over a TDM, fiber, SONET, SHDSL or IP/MPLS backbone. RAD’s multiservice access multiplexers offer cost-effective backhaul of substation or oil rig coupled with central-site aggregation and central management of the entire network. Preserve legacy investments and gain a clear migration path to Next Generation Networks without the need for forklift upgrades.

Voice and Data Solutions for Gas and Oil applications

The RAD Megaplex is perfect for Gas and Oil platforms because it supports so many different interfaces and WAN links.

Today there is unfortunately a real need for Security. In the Oil and Gas industry, things may be spread out making it difficult to monitor and leaving some equipment in areas that may not be as protected as you would like. The RAD SecFlow / RADSecure industrial Ethernet switches can help to address that issue.

Industrial switch in an Oil and Gas application with industrial switches to help comply with FERC requirements

Specific instances in the Oil and Gas industry where RAD products have been implemented include:

PetroCom LLC, Louisiana, USA

Many companies like Petrobras Oil and Gas Exploration Company in Brazil take advantage of the the Megaplex 2100. With it, technicians do not have to come from the mainland to service equipment that is located in the middle of the ocean.