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RDOF, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

Rural America is getting a real communications boost with RDOF, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. Under serviced areas will slowly begin to get the access broadband communication that so many of us take for granted into today’s world. Accomplishing the goal of significantly improving broadband networks in unserved rural areas will require many things.

As more fiber optic cable is installed there will be the need for carrier demarcation devices. These products allow the carriers to better control and monitor the network as well as provide higher levels of network resiliency.

There will be small areas where it is more economical and practical to deliver Ethernet services via microwave for the last few miles. Some microwave applications will require PTP radio equipment and other applications will require PTMP microwave equipment.

There will be Ethernet access switch aggregation points where 1 Gig links will group into 10 Gig links and applications were CWDM and DWDM equipment will be used to get the most out of the available fiber.

And the list goes on. RDOF will help rural America in countless ways.

We at Cutter Networks are excited about this growth and are available to do our part to open rural America to the world.