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vCPE-OS Open Carrier Class Operating System for NetworkEdge Virtualization


Open Carrier-Class Operating System for Network Edge VirtualizationvCPE-OS Open Carrier-Class Operating System for Network Edge Virtualization

Part of RAD’s vCPE solutions, vCPE-OS runs on any white box server and can be preloaded in RAD’s virtual CPE (vCPE) platforms. It combines powerful networking capabilities with virtualization for hosting SD-WAN and any other value added virtual network function (VNF) applications from multiple vendors.


RAD vCPE-OS includes standard KVM hypervisor and OpenStack compute node to support third-party applications. Supported applications include:


vCPE-OS has an open management platform, and easily integrates with standards-based SDN controllers, orchestrators, and operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS) from major providers.

CARRIER CLASS The vCPE-OS carrier class virtualization and networking experience is achieved by:

MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY Comprehensive management suite includes NETCONF/YANG, CLI, Syslog, and alarms.

Security features include SNMPv3, SSH, SFTP, Access Control, RADIUS (client authentication), and TACACS+.

vCPE-OS can be managed by RADview. This provides NMS tools, Performance Monitoring portal, and D-NFV Orchestrator.

D-NFV Orchestrator provides the function of Controller located on the cloud. Controller manages the edge device’s VNF resources, such as compute, storage, and network capabilities. Controller is also responsible for controlling the deployment of VNF instances.

Applications for the vCPE-OS from RAD

vCPE-OS is suitable for a wide range of single- and multitenant applications, including pCPE, uCPE, and private and public data centers. It allows for remote and agile deployment of value-added services with D-NFV Orchestrator. Open NFV/SDN architecture facilitates integration with network-wide orchestrators/controllers.

Ordering vCPE-OS:

VCPE-OS-LIC License for a vCPE-OS instance


ETX-2v Open vCPE White Box Platform

MiCLK 1588 Grandmaster on an SFP with Built-in GNSS

MiNID Miniature Programmable Network Interface Device

MiRICi-E1/T1 Smart SFP Ethernet to E1/T1 Remote Bridges

MiRICi-E3/T3 Smart SFP Ethernet to E3/T3 Remote Bridges

MiTOP-E1/T1 Smart SFP-Format TDM 1/T1 Pseudowire Gateways

MiTOP-E3/T3 Smart SFP-Format TDM E3/T3 Pseudowire Gateways

SFP-VDSL-2W VDSL2 SFP for Any-PHY Platform

SFP-GPON-1DH GPON Optical Network Terminal

uCPE Application Architecture - RAD

Data sheet for RAD vCPE-OS Data sheet for RAD vCPE-OS