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Proxim Tsunami GX800 620Mbps wireless

Tsunami® GX800 Carrier Grade 620Mbps Licensed Microwave Backhaul With 6 - 23 GHz Frequency Support

The Proxim Tsunami® GX800 is a high speed Point-to-Point (PtP) licensed microwave product capable of operating in 6-23 GHz licensed bands with more than 600Mbps aggregate throughput capacity, supporting an array of user configurable channel bandwidths from 7-56 MHz. The Tsunami® GX800 has an extremely small foot print and comes in a split-mount design constituting of a compact indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU) that are a snap to install.
Proxim Tsunami GX800
The Tsunami® GX800 Series is an outcome of Proxim's extensive RF technical expertise and years of broadband wireless access products experience. The GX800 Licensed Point- to-Point products are technically advanced, highly reliable and very cost effective. The Tsunami® GX800 uses highly advanced radio technology. The product is designed for PDH and Wireless Broadband applications, utilizing modulation schemes from QPSK to 256QAM and high data rates. The product supports High Transmit Power Levels with up to +27dBm for certain frequency bands. The product is optimized for high speed Ethernet networking and for transmission of standard E1 or E3 channels. The Proxim Tsunami GX800 is not just another typical PDH platform. The GX800 houses a unique innovative proprietary packet system with different priority for each transmission channel. This advanced prioritization platform intelligently allocates transmission capacity depending on modulation scheme and channel bandwidth controlling adaptive selection of user interfaces and their speeds.

Advantages and key features of the Proxim Tsunami® GX800 include:

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