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FCD-24 Integrating Multiplexer ( Mux ) for E1 and Fractional E1 services

The FCD-24 is an Integrating Multiplexer ( Mux ) for E1 and Fractional E1 services. Two or four synchronous data channels and one E1 sub-link can be connected over the public E1 network, while paying only for the bandwidth required. The E1 sub-link enables PABX connection to the E1 interface.

FCD-24  Integrating Multiplexer for E1 and Fractional E1 services

Four RAD FCD-24 models are:(see Ordering section of data sheet)

FCD-24 with four synchronous data channels;
FCD-24/E1 with four synchronous data channels and one E1 sub-link;
FCD-24-2 with two synchronous data channels;
FCD-24-2/E1 with two synchronous data channels and one E1 sub-link.

Data rates are selectable for any multiple of 64 kbps. Selectable timeslotting places data into timeslots (DSOs) either consecutively (bundled), or by user-definition (without restrictions). Selected timeslots on the E1 sub-link are bypassed to the same timeslots on the E1 main link.

Data channel interfaces available are V.35, X.21, RS-530 or V.36/RS-449. (V.36/RS-449 is converted from RS-530 via cables supplied with V.36 interface option - see Ordering section of data sheet)

The RAD FCD-24 is compatible with virtually all carrier-provided E1 services, meeting all requirements of ITU-T G.703, G.704 and G.732. It supports 2 or 16 frames per multiframe, with or without CRC-4. Zero suppression over the line is
HDB3. An optional integral LTU (Line Termination Unit) supports ranges up to 1.6 km (1 mile), enabling the FCD-24 to be used as a multi-channel short range modem for private applications.

Multiple clock source selection allows the E1 main link to be clocked from the recovered clock (LBT), from the data channel source, from E1 sublink, or from an internal oscillator.

Data channels may be set to DCE (FCD-24 provides RX and TX clocks to user equipment), DTE1 (FCD-24 provides RX clock to user, while TX clock is received from user) or DTE2 (both clocks received from user) clocking modes.

The E1 sub-link transmit clock is locked to the E1 main link clock. The receive clock can be used as an external clock source for the E1 main link transmit clock.

Setup, control and monitoring of status and diagnostic information can be activated from the front panel or via a terminal or PC connected to the supervisory port.

Remote line diagnostics, alarm information, unit configuration and other control/monitoring information can be accessed remotely via dial-up modems.

Maintenance capabilities include local and remote loopbacks at various points, as well as built-in BERT for rapid identification of faults.

For dial-out operation, the RAD FCD-24 activates the modem to automatically dial a pre-programmed number whenever an alarm event occurs.

RAD FCD-24  Integrating Multiplexer for E1 and Fractional E1 services

FCD-24 product data sheet (pdf)


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