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FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 access units for E1/T1 or fractional E1/T1 services

FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 are access units for E1/T1 or fractional E1 / T1 services. They can be used as rate and interface converters or as integrating multiplexers for E1/T1 and fractional E1/T1 services (see Figures 1 and 2). The FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 also operate opposite  RAD's modular DXC (DACS) products or other vendors' E1 / T1 equipment, to support multilink star applications, such as access to 
SDH networks. The DXC and the FCD units are managed by a centralized SNMP network management system (see Figure 3). FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 can be ordered with either a copper E1 / T1 or a fiber optic link. Both configurations are available with an optional  sub-E1 / T1 drop-and-insert port. The units can be ordered with either one or two user data ports. The second port can be an Ethernet  bridge port, with or without VLAN support.

FCD-E1/48/1/X 1720100000 FCD-E1/48/2/V 1721220000 FCD-E1/48/ETU/V 1720370000 FCD-E1/AC/1/530 1720050000 FCD-

FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 Basic Unit
The basic unit includes a power supply, electrical/copper E1 / T1 link with integral LTU / CSU, and
one data port. The E1 interface is compatible with virtually all carrier-provided E1 services and meets ITU recommendations G.703
G.704, G.706, and G.732. It supports either 2 or 16 frames per multiframe, with or without CRC-4. Line coding is HDB3. The user-
selectable integral LTU ensures a range of up to 2 km (1.2 miles).

The T1 interface is compatible with virtually all carrier provided T1 services, including ASDS from AT&T and complies with TR-62421. 
The T1 interface supports D4 and ESF framing formats. Zero suppression over the line is selectable for either transparent, B7ZS, or 
B8ZS. The user-selectable integral CSU ensures a range of up to 2.1 km (1.3 miles). FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 can be ordered with a fiber 
optic link, eliminating the need for an external fiber optic modem. The fiber optic link provides a secure link in hazardous or hostile
environments. It complies with ITU standards G.921 and G.956.

Three fiber optic interfaces are available on the FCD-E1 and FCD-T1:
850 nm laser for use over multimode fiber at distances of up to 5 km (3 miles)
1310 nm laser diode for use over single-mode fiber at distances of up to 62 km (38 miles)
1550 nm laser diode for use over single-mode fiber at extended range of up to 100 km (62 miles)

Timeslot assignment is programmable, allowing data from each data port and from the sub-E1/T1 port to be placed automatically into  consecutive timeslots. Alternatively, timeslots can be allocated manually, at user discretion. Multiple clock source selection ensures maximum flexibility for supporting different applications. The E1 / T1 main link timing can be taken from the recovered receive  clock signal, an internal oscillator, one of the data ports, or the sub- E1 / T1 port. 

The optional sub-E1 port can be configured to work without CRC-4, while the E1 main link is working with CRC-4. This allows non-
CRC-4 E1 equipment to connect to an E1 network that uses CRC-4. 

The optional sub-T1 port can be configured with D4 or ESF framing, while the T1 main link framing is ESF. This enables connection ofT1 D4 equipment over a T1 network.

Bypassing the sub- E1 / T1 port to the main link (not applicable with the fiber optic link) ensures uninterrupted service to the sub-E1 / 
T1 port, providing full immunity to hardware and power failure.

FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 are compact standalone units. A rack mount adapter kit enables installation of one or two units side-by-side in a 19-inch rack.

FCD-E1/48/1/X 1720100000 FCD-E1/48/2/V 1721220000 FCD-E1/48/ETU/V 1720370000 FCD-E1/AC/1/530 1720050000 FCD-


FCD-E1 FCD-T1 application

FCD-E1 and FCD-T1 product data sheet (pdf)

There are many ordering combinations for this popular product. Here are most of them:

FCD-E1/48/1/X 1720100000
FCD-E1/48/2/V 1721220000
FCD-E1/48/ETU/V 1720370000
FCD-E1/AC/1/530 1720050000
FCD-E1/AC/1/C/V 1720140000
FCD-E1/AC/1/C/X 1720150000
FCD-E1/AC/1/ST/85 1722250000
FCD-E1/AC/1/V 1720040000
FCD-E1/AC/1/X 1720060000
FCD-E1/AC/1/X21/ST/85 1722750000
FCD-E1/AC/2/530 1721050000
FCD-E1/AC/2/C/ETU/530 1720300000
FCD-E1/AC/2/C/V 1721120000
FCD-E1/AC/2/R 1721070000
FCD-E1/AC/2/V 1721040000
FCD-E1/AC/2/V/X 1721310000
FCD-E1/AC/C/ETU/V 1722910000
FCD-E1/AC/ETU/530 1720180000
FCD-E1/AC/ETU/V 1720210000
FCD-E1/AC/V35/X21/LTU 1721470000
FCD-E1/S1/48/1/V 1722090000
FCD-E1/S1/48/2/V 1721200000
FCD-E1/S1/48/ETU/C/V 1720580000
FCD-E1/S1/48/ETU/V 1722160000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/1/530 1720500000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/1/C/530 1721330000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/1/C/V 1721190000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/1/V 1722040000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/2/530 1721230000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/2/V 1721110000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/2/V/X 1721210000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/449/449 1721130000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/ETU 1722060000
FCD-E1/S1/AC/ETU/V 1722740000
FCD-T1/48/1/530 1730140000
FCD-T1/48/1/ETB 1730130000
FCD-T1/48/1/V 1730160000
FCD-T1/48/2/V 1732510000
FCD-T1/48/V35/ETU 1730200000
FCD-T1/AC/1/449 1730010000
FCD-T1/AC/1/530 1730110000
FCD-T1/AC/1/ETU 1732520000
FCD-T1/AC/1/R/ST/85 1732490000
FCD-T1/AC/1/ST/85 1732000000
FCD-T1/AC/1/V 1730000000
FCD-T1/AC/1/V/ST/85 1732480000
FCD-T1/AC/1/X 1730020000
FCD-T1/AC/2/530 1731000000
FCD-T1/AC/2/530/ST/85 1732020000
FCD-T1/AC/2/R 1730170000
FCD-T1/AC/2/V 1731010000
FCD-T1/AC/2/X 1731160000
FCD-T1/AC/530/MO 1730269000
FCD-T1/AC/ETU/V 1732540000
FCD-T1/S1/48/ETU 1731130000
FCD-T1/S1/48/ETU/V 1730180000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/1/449 1730210000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/1/530 1730120000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/1/V 1730100000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/2/530 1731110000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/2/V 1731100000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/2/X 1730050000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/530/ETB 1730330000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/530/ETU 1730280000
FCD-T1/S1/AC/ETU/V 1731150000

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