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MIRICI-E3T3 Miniature Fast Ethernet to T3/E3 Remote Bridge


Talk about conserving Rack space. Take a look at this product.

MiRIC-T3 and MiRIC-E3 Miniature Fast Ethernet to T3/E3 Remote Bridge, MIRICI-E3T3/GE, MIRICI-E3T3/FEMiRIC-T3 and MiRIC-E3 Miniature Fast Ethernet to T3/E3 Remote Bridge

MIRICI-E3T3/GE and MIRICI-E3T3/FE forward LAN Fast Ethernet packets to TDM-based WAN at full duplex wire-speed, fully utilizing the expensive E3/T3 rate TDM circuit bandwidth. Management capabilities for configuration, status, and diagnostics via the I2C interface. Housed in a Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) package, MiRIC-E3 and MiRIC-T3 comply with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). The units handle 64 to 2016-byte frames, including VLAN-tagged frames. LAN traffic is transported transparently, keeping the user LAN settings intact. The transmit timing source is userselectable (Receive or Internal clock) LAN link fault is visually indicated by the LINK LED (green) turning off. E3 or T3 loss of signal is propagated by sending an electrical LOS signal to the LAN port, and indicated visually by the LOS LED (red) turning on. There is also an option to block the LAN link. Flow control mechanism is activated when LAN traffic exceeds the WAN link ( T3, E3 ) capacity; pause packets are transmitted towards the LAN port. MiRIC-E3 and MiRIC-T3 operate opposite another MiRIC-E3 or MiRICT3, or alternatively opposite RADís RICi-E3, RICi-T3 or Egate (central Ethernet gateway) devices. The MiRIC-T3 and MiRIC-E3 are autonomous plug-and-play modules. MSA product identification codes are supported. A special release mechanism allows the device to be easily extracted from the socket.

Some of the key features of the MIRICI-E3T3/GE and MIRICI-E3T3/FE are:

Remote bridges connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over framed/unframed E3 or T3 links

Basic management for configuration, status and diagnostics.

Hot-insertion SFP footprint, MSA-compliant

Full duplex wire-speed packet forwarding

Selectable clock source

Visual fault indication:
- Loss of T3 or E3 signal
- Loss of Ethernet link

Fault propagation to LAN link

Support flow control

Product identification support

Autonomous device

Easy release mechanism

The MIRICI-E3T3/GE and MIRICI-E3T3/FE  Patent-pending technology

MIRICI-E3T3/GE and MIRICI-E3T3/FE  Miniature Fast Ethernet to T3/E3 Remote Bridge data sheet (883 k)



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