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Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) RAD's Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) is a high-capacity multiservice concentrator supporting access over PDH/SDH/SONET transport networks. The RAD Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) supports up to 10 I/O modules, providing a flexible and scalable node that meets a variety of user services, including E1, T1, SHDSL, n x 64 kbps high speed data, sub-DS0 low speed data, digital voice, analog voice, and ISDN.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 )’s ability to handle a broad range of data and voice services and various network technologies in a single compact managed node makes it a versatile and cost-effective next-generation multiservice access node.

A powerful internal 1/0 cross connect matrix of up to 160 Mbps per chassis (from DS0 to STM-1/OC-3 level) can groom traffic directly from any tributary channel to any aggregate channel. This also allows for direct grooming of DS0s coming from any SHDSL or E1/T1 port to any other aggregated link, including the STM-1/OC-3 uplinks.

These capabilities enable the Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) to function as a service differentiation point at the carrier POP, handing off traditional voice and data services to the transport networks.
At the remote point-of-presence (POP) or the customer premises, Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) may also be deployed to effectively fan out multiple voice and data services.

Located at the carrier POP, Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) can extend user services in the Last Mile over E1, T1, SHDSL, or ISDN lines by working opposite dedicated customer-located equipment such as RAD’s FCD, ASMi or DXC.

The modular, distributed architecture of the Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) chassis enables redundancy at different levels of the network and provides a resilient system with no single point of failure. Each combined common logic and cross connect matrix module (CL.1) provides STM-1/OC-3 uplinks with automatic switchover between the two links within 50 msec for 1+1 protection against network or cable failure.

Hardware redundancy is provided through an optional redundant power supply and CL modules, with switchover to the backup CL links occurring within 50 msec of a detected failure. Eight-port E1/T1 and SHDSL links as well as user interface (I/O) modules can also be configured for redundancy and can be hot-swapped, allowing continuous service provisioning.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) also supports standard SDH/SONET ring topology backup with APS for protecting Ethernet transmission over SDH.

Figure 1 shows Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) in 155 Mbps corporate ring application providing multiple user services with access and differentiation of services between Internet, PSTN and SDH/SONET networks.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 )  RAD's Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 )  Module table

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) Chassis

RAD Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) is available as a (4U high) chassis providing slots for up to 2 common logic and 10 I/O modules.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) Common Logic

The Common Logic (CL.1) module controls the RAD Megaplex’s operation and is the interface for its configuration and management. It stores the application software and up to 10 configuration databases (depending on complexity) for multiple independent configurations. CL.1 also stores all system event information. Flash EPROM for software download is provided. 

CL.1 provides digital cross-connect function at the DS0 level with a capacity of up to 80 Χ 32 DS0 between I/O cards and 63E1/84T1 toward the STM-1/OC-3 aggregate uplink.

The CL.1 cross-connect matrix enables any routing of voice and data channels between all I/O modules installed in the chassis. The non-blocking full cross-connect feature enables flexible timeslot assignment and efficient utilization of E1/T1 bandwidth, as well as facilitates drop&insert and bypass applications.

The non-blocking (4/1/0) cross-connection can be established between any of the following:
• Tributary / Aggregate channels
• Tributary / Tributary
• Aggregate / Aggregate

For direct connection to the SDH/SONET network, CL.1 has two standard network ports with a software-configurable STM-1/OC-3 interface.

MP-4100 features an optional ADM configuration mechanism with SNCP path protection.
Optional 1+1 link protection mechanism (unidirectional MSP/APS) and SNCP path protection are also available.

The STM-1/OC-3 interfaces are user-configurable and provide a high-quality and high-availability link, as well as performance monitoring of the traffic path.

The STM-1/OC-3 link is supplied with an SFP socket (see Ordering section of the data sheet).

Note: It is strongly recommended to order this device with original RAD SFPs installed. This will ensure that prior to shipping, RAD has performed comprehensive functional quality tests on the entire assembled unit, including the SFP devices. RAD cannot guarantee full compliance to product specifications for units using non-RAD SFPs.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) Timing

Multiple system timing options are available:
• Internal crystal oscillator clock
• Clock received from any SONET/SDH or PDH link (loopback)
• Clock received from any PDH tributary inside SONET/SDH
• Clock from any high speed module channel
• External station (master) clock
• Separate SONET/SDH and PDH clock domains
• Any clock source can be set as fallback in the event of primary clock source failure.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) TDM E1/T1 Modules
The Megaplex TDM E1/T1 modules allow direct connection to a wide range of services, eliminating the need for external equipment. Multiple active links can operate in each chassis. Additional modules can also be installed for link redundancy or E1/T1 ring redundancy.

The M8E1 and M8T1 TDM modules enable direct connection of Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) to up to 8 E1/T1 lines. Up to 10 modules can be installed in a single chassis, providing the Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) with up to 80 full E1/T1 non-blocking DS0 cross-connect capacity.

The M8SL module uses Single-pair High speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) technology, as standardized by ITU-T Rec. G.991.2. These SHDSL link modules offer a cost-effective solution for delivering digital data to customer premises over the existing copper cables of the distribution network while eliminating the need for repeaters.

When a CL.1 module with the STM-1/OC-3 interface is installed in the chassis, the TDM modules allow mapping of E1/T1 links to the SONET/SDH network with DS0 granularity.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) I/O MODULES
Table 1 lists the I/O modules available for Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 )

Management of the  Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) 

Configuration and monitoring can be performed via Web, Telnet or an ASCII terminal.

Remote units can be managed in the following ways:

• Out-of-band, using the 10/100 Ethernet management port. This simple and efficient method takes advantage of IP bandwidth on demand, while saving link bandwidth for user traffic
• Inband, using the IP/PPP over DCC, via the STM-1/OC-3 links
• Inband, using the IP/PPP over dedicated timeslot in any E1/T1 or SHDSL link

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) Diagnostics 
The comprehensive diagnostic capabilities include:

• Local and remote loopbacks per link and per DS0
• IP connectivity check (ping)
• Real-time alarms to alert the user of fault conditions.
• SDH/SONET link monitoring.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) Alarms

All alarms, including state and frequency of occurrence, are stored in the CL.1’s alarm status buffer. Last 256 alarms are kept in a separate alarm history buffer.

Alarm status can be automatically read online by the management system from any node. User-set alarm masking, filtering and inversion, as well as 5-level prioritization are also supported.

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 )  RAD's Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4100 ) data sheet (pdf)

Megaplex-4100 8-Port SHDSL E1 module (pdf)

Megaplex-4100 8-Port E1 and T1 modules (pdf)

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