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OP-4T1 - Optimux-4T1
Four T1 Channel Optical Multiplexer from RAD

OP-4T1/R/ST85, OP-4T1/R/SC13L, OP-4T1/R/ST13L, OP-4T1/R/ST13L/D, OP-4T1/SC13L, OP-4T1/ST13L, OP-4T1L/ST13L, OP-4T1/R/ST85, OP-4T1/R/ST85/D, OP-4T1/ST85, OP-4T1L/SC85, OP-4T1/CB/SC/SC13L, OP-4T1/CB/TB/ST13L

OP-4T1 Optimux-4T1 Features

OP-4T1 Multiplexes four T1 channels over a single fiber optic link
The RAD Optimux-4T1 Operates with various fiber interfaces:
Multimode fiber (ie OP-4T1/R/ST85 )
Single mode fiber (ie OP-4T1/R/ST13L )
Single mode over single fiber - WDM (standalone version only)
Laser diode option
Range up to 75 km (46 miles)
Voice service channel
Conforms to ITU G.703, G.823, G.824, G.955
Optional second fiber optic link provides automatic backup
The RAD Optimux OP-4T1 has an Optional redundant power supply
Management via ASCII terminal or SNMP management station
Remote management using inband channel
The RAD Optimux OP-4T1 Compact 1U high enclosure
Card version of the OP-4T1 for LRS-24 19-inch rack with central SNMP management

OP-4T1 from RAD

OP-4T1 / Optimux-4T1 is a multiplexer combining up to four T1 channels over a single fiber optic link. A pair of OP-4T1 / Optimux-4T1 units offers simple and low-cost connectivity for four T1 channels at distances up to 75 km (46 miles).
Various optical interfaces are available:
850 nm for multimode fiber
1300 nm for single mode or multimode fiber
1300 nm laser and 1550 nm laser for extended range over single mode fiber
1300/1550 nm for single fiber, WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) operation (standalone version only).
An optional second link provides backup, using automatic switchover upon main link failure.
An optional second power supply provides power redundancy and fail-safe operation.
OP-4T1 / Optimux-4T1 transmits each of the T1 channels independently, so that each T1 channel can have a different clock source.
OP-4T1 / Optimux-4T1 is also available as a card for the LRS-24 19-inch rack with central SNMP management. This option provides a compact, cost-effective central solution.
To facilitate system diagnostics, OP-4T1 / Optimux-4T1 features LED status indicators, AIS alarm generation and recognition, and dry contact closure upon link failure.
Setup, control and diagnostics can be performed via a supervisory port using an ASCII terminal, or a SLIP connection to an SNMP management station. Optimux-4T1 in the LRS-24 rack can also be configured, maintained and monitored over Ethernet, via the LRS-24's CL-2 card.
Optimux-4T1 can be managed by:
RADview-PC running on a PC/Windows
RADview-HPOV running on an HP OpenView UNIX platform.
A voice service channel is available for end-to-end communication between maintenance personnel.
The standalone Optimux-4T1 is available as a compact 1U high unit that can be mounted in a 19-inch rack.

Optimux-4T1 applications

Ordering the RAD Optimux-4T1 - /OP-4T1

Four T1 Channel Multiplexer

Four T1 Channel Multiplexer Card for LRS-24

* Specify power supply
AC for 115 to 230 VAC
48 for -48 VDC
24 for 24 VDC
AD for one 115-230 VAC power supply and one -48 VDC power supply

Note: When ordering AD power supplies (one AC and one DC) DO NOT specify R for a redundant power supply.

R Specify R for second redundant power supply (optional)
& Specify LRS-24 rack type
F for ETSI version
B for ANSI version
- Specify T1 connector type
TB for terminal block
#+ Specify link interface
(# for connector type, followed by + for optical wavelength)
# ST for ST type connector
FC for FC/PC type connector
SC for SC type connector
(available for standalone version only and not available with SF1/SF2 options)
+ 85 for 850 nm multimode LED
13 for 1300 nm single mode or multimode LED
13L for 1300 nm single mode laser diode
15L for 1550 nm single mode laser diode
SF1 for transmit 1300 nm (WDM laser), receive 1550 nm (standalone version only)
SF2 for transmit 1550 nm (WDM laser), receive 1300 nm (standalone version only)

Note: For single fiber connection (WDM), one of the units should be ordered with SF1 and the other with the SF2.


D Specify D for second redundant link (of same type as first)
Default is one link only.

Some of the choices are:
Optimux 4T1 stand alone units for single mode fiber use include:

Optimux 4T1 stand alone units for multi-mode fiber use include:

Optimux 4T1 cards include:

Optimux-4T1 data sheet (pdf 798k)

Optimux-4T1 installation and operations manual (3266 k)

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