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PFH-4 Power Feeding Hub from RAD

PFH-4 is a standalone remote power feeding hub that delivers power and data to up to four SHDSL lines and eliminates the need for locally powered modems or repeaters. The RAD PFH-4 combines power and data on up to four pairs of lines through input and output terminal block connectors. The PFH-4 hub supplies each line with 120 or 180 VDC at a maximum of 60 mA. All lines are protected from overload, short-circuiting, and leakage to earth. At overload, a current limiter stops the power feeding, activates a LED alarm, and initiates auto-restart recovery. A dry contact relay outputs major and minor alarm warnings to a DB-9 connector. Front-panel LEDs indicate the power feeding status for each line and provide warnings for current and temperature overload conditions. The external DIP switch enables selective power feeding for each individual line.
PFH-4 Power Feeding Hub, PFH-4/DC/180V/2P, PFH-4/DC/120V/4P, PFH-4/DC/180V/4P
PHF-4 Key Features include:
Remote power feeding of up to four pairs of SHDSL lines
Output power feeding options per line:
120 VDC at 60 mA or
180 VDC at 60 mA
Input power 48 VDC
Terminal block connectors for input and output of each line
DIP switch allowing selective power feed per line.
Current limit protection for each channel
Current leakage protection (line to earth)
LED line status indicators
Dry contact connectors for alarms
Front access on standard one-half 19-inch metal rack

PFH-4 Models include: PFH-4/DC/180V/2P, PFH-4/DC/120V/4P, PFH-4/DC/180V/4P

PFH-4 Power Feeding Hub product data sheet (pdf)

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