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MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and other RAD Megaplex VC-8 and VC-16 modules

The MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and other RAD Megaplex VC-16 modules provide 8 or 16 toll-quality voice channels. Voice signals are digitized using PCM, in compliance with ITU-T G.711 standards, enabling up to 30 voice channels to be transmitted over an E1 link, or 24 voice channels over a T1 link. The high density provided by VC-16 enables a single Megaplex-2100, equipped with 8 x MP-2100M-VC16/FXS or other VC16 modules and 2 x ML-2E1 main link modules, to support up to 120 PCM channels over four E1 links. Alternatively, 120 PCM channels can be supported over five T1 links, using 2 x ML-2T1 and 1 x ML-1T1 main link modules.

The smaller Megaplex-2104 supports up to 60 PCM channels over two E1 links, using 4 x MP-2100M-VC16/FXS or other VC16 modules and a 1 x ML-2E1 modules. Alternatively, 48 channels can be supported over two T1 links using 3 x VC-16 and a 1 x ML-2T1 modules.

Encoding and decoding are in full compliance with ITU-T requirements G.712, G.713 and G.714. Voice channel coding is selectable for A-law or -law. Each 64 kbps PCM voice channel of the MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and other Megaplex VC-16 modules is allocated a timeslot on a link in a DS0 compatible format, permitting voice channel switching in systems based on digital cross-connect (DACS). Each channel can be independently routed to any link. Each VC-8/16 voice channel supports Caller ID by transparently transferring the FSK modem tones between the incoming rings. With this feature, a customer subscribed to a Caller ID service can see the Caller ID of an incoming or waiting call with any Caller ID display equipment. Megaplex VC-8 and VC-16 are available with the following interface types:

E&M interface of the MP-2100M-VC16/E&M support different types of E&M signaling: EIA RS-464 Types I, II, III and V (British Telecom SSDC5). Both 2-wire and 4-wire lines are supported (user-selectable). Typically used for connection of tie lines between PBXs (see Figure 1). 

FXS interface of the RAD MP-2100M-VC16/FXS supports both loop-start and wink-start signaling methods. FXS interfaces are typically used for direct connection to 2-wire telephones in the following loop-start applications:
Off-Premises Extension (OPX), where a local telephone on the PBX can be connected to an off-premises telephone, by dialing only the extension number assigned to the off-premises telephone (see Figure 2);

Private Line, Automatic Ringdown application (PLAR) (also referred to as Hot Line), where two telephones are connected directly via the E1/T1 link. When the telephone on one side goes off-hook, the other telephone rings;

Direct connection to 2-wire telephones in PSTN applications (see Figure 3).

Battery polarity reversal is supported for wink-start signaling, which is used for direct inward dialing (DID) applications. The MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and MP-2100M-VC8/FXS also generate 12/16 kHz metering pulse for connection to public payphones (see Figure 4).

FXO interface of RAD MP-2100M-VC16/FXO and MP-2100M-VC8/FXO support both loop-start and wink-start signaling methods. They can be used for connection to PBX extension lines in point-to-point loop-start applications, opposite a corresponding MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and MP-2100M-VC8/FXS at the remote Megaplex, for connection to the remote extension. Also the MP-2100M-VC16/FXO and MP-2100M-VC8/FXO support battery polarity reversal for wink-start signaling and 12/16 kHz metering pulse detection for public payphones.

Megaplex MP-2100M-VC16/FXS and other RAD MP-2100M-VC8 and MP-2100M-VC16 module data sheet (pdf 308k)


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