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ROC-19 and ROC-19L Outdoor Cabinet

When you need an outdoor enclosure to mount one of the RAD ETX-2 series hardened products, RAD offers the power ventilated ROC-19 or the passive ventilation ROC-19L.

RAD outdoor cabinet ROC-19 and ROC-19L

Key points include:

Outdoor cabinet for one 19-wide RAD unit, with integrated fiber splicer and guides
IP56-66/NEMA-4-rated metal enclosure
Effective grounding and over-current protection
2- or 3-point door locking
Intake fan with replaceable filters, or passive cooling
Wall or pole mounting

ROC-19/19L is a fully contained outdoor cabinet intended for housing a single 24 VDC or 48 VDC-powered (ordering option), 19-wide RAD unit. Constructed for outdoor use, the enclosure is ideal for residential neighborhood/apartment block telecommunication needs.

Ruggedized IP56 ( ROC-19 ) and IP66 ( ROC-19L ) NEMA-4-rated construction with rain hood offers full shielding and elemental protection. Efficient ventilation is assured by intake fan with replaceable air filters ( ROC-19 ) or passive convection ( ROC-19L ).

2-point ( ROC-19L ) or 3-point door locking ( ROC-19 ), integrated fiber cable splicer/guide system, intrusion detection and over-current protection ensure secure, efficient maintenance access to this outdoor cabinet.
Interior of the ROC-19 outdoor cabinet

Data sheet for the ROC-19 and ROC-19L Outdoor Cabinet (pdf)


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