Acrynoms starting with 'F' commonly used in data communications

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FCis a common type of connector used on both multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cable. To connect you insert the tip and screw on the outer threaded collar. (picture of FC connector)
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexing
FDVFrame Delay Variation
FEBEFar End Block Errors
FERCFederal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates and monitors the electric, hydropower, natural gas and oil industries. For more information visit their website at:
FRRFast Re-Route
Firewallsare be a combination of hardware and software designed to prevent unauthorized access to the local LAN. In many cases they filter messages containing unwanted content.
four-wire circuitsTelephone lines using two wires for transmitting and two wires for receiving offering much higher quality than a 2-wire circuit. All long distance circuits are 4-wire. Almost all local phone lines and analog phones are 2-wire.
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name The FQDN is the full name of a system, rather than just its host-name. For example, "central" is a hostname and "" is an FQDN.
Frame Relayis a packet-switching protocol that provides features like that of a dedicated DDS or T1 network, but without the expense of multiple dedicated circuits. Frame Relay is deployed over the same services used to deploy DDS and T1. Frame Relay circuits are connected to a packet switch within the network that ensures packets are routed to the correct location. Frame Relay is an ideal, cost-effective solution for networks with bursty traffic that require connections to multiple locations and where a certain degree of delay is acceptable.
FRAPFrame Relay Access Probes help benchmark the performance of frame relay networks.
FSKFrequency Shift-Key Modulation
FSOFree-Space Optics is a point-to-point technology that transmits laser beams over the air to provide a very high-speed communications link. FSO requires line-of-sight between two transceivers to transmit voice, video, and data on beams of light at speeds up to 2.5 Gbps. Another name for Free Space Optics is Optical-Wireless.
FTAMFile Transfer, Access, and Management. The OSI remote file service and protocol.
FTTHFiber to the home
FTTNFiber to the node
FTPfile Transfer Protocol. The Internet protocol (and program) used to transfer files between hosts.
Full DuplexData flows in both directions at the same time.
FX Foreign Exchange provides service from the customer's station to a Central Office other than the one which would normally serve that station.
FXOForeign Exchange Office. This is the office end of an FX circuit (frequently a PBX).
FXSForeign Exchange Station. The station (telephone) end of an FX circuit. An FXS port will provide dial tone and ring voltage.