Acrynoms starting with 'V' commonly used in data communications

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vPOTSVery Plain Old Telephone Service; no switching
VQCVector Quantizing Code; a voice compression technique that runs at 32 and 16 kbit/s.
VQLVariable Quantizing Level; voice encoding method.
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML is a language much like HTML for getting data on the Web. The 3D nature of VRML is where the two specs depart. Mark Pesce explained VRML to be, "...a language for describing multi-user interactive simulations-virtual worlds networked via the global Internet and hyperlinked within the World-Wide Web."
VSATVery Small Aperture Satellite.
VTAMVirtual Terminal Access Method, an SNA protocol.
VTNSVirtual Telecommunications Network Service