Acrynoms starting with 'O' commonly used in data communications

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OAMOperation, Administration, and Maintenance
OC-1,OC-3,OC-12 OC-n Optical Carrier (n)- Fundamental unit in the SONET hierarchy. OC indicates an optical signal and n represents increments of 51.84 Mbit/s. Thus, OC-1, -3, and -12 equal optical signals of 51, 155, and 622 Mbit/s.
OCLCOnline Computer Library Catalog. A nonprofit membership organization offering computer-based services to libraries, educational organizations, and their users. The OCLC library information network connects more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. Libraries use the OCLC System for cataloging, interlibrary loan, collection development, bibliographic verification, and reference searching.
octetAn octet is eight (8) bits. In networking the term "octet" is often used (rather than "byte") since some machine architectures employ bytes which are not 8 bits long.
OEMOutside Equipment Manufacturer
Open GroupThe Open Group was formed in February, 1996 by the consolidation of the two leading open systems consortia, X/Open Company Ltd (X/Open) and the Open Software Foundation (OSF). Under the Open Group umbrella, OSF and X/Open work together to deliver technology innovations and wide-scale adoption of open systems specifications.
OpExOperating Expenditures
Optical-Wirelessis a point-to-point technology that transmits laser beams over the air to provide a very high-speed communications link. Optical-Wireless requires line-of-sight between two transceivers to transmit voice, video, and data on beams of light at speeds up to 2.5 Gbps. Another name for Optical-Wireless is Free Space Optics or FSO.
OSFOpen Software Foundation
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection. An international standardization program to facilitate communications among computers from different manufacturers.
OSINetwork Address The address, consisting of up to 20 octets, used to locate an OSI Transport entity. The address is formatted into an Initial Domain Part which is standardized for each of several addressing domains, and a Domain Specific Part which is the responsibility of the addressing authority for that domain.
OSIPresentation Address The address used to locate an OSI Application entity. It consists of an OSI Network Address and up to three selectors, one each for use by the Transport, Session, and Presentation entities.
OSPFOpen Shortest Path first. A link state, as opposed to distance vector, routing protocol. It is an Internet standard IGP defined in RFCs 1583 and 1793. The multicast version, MOSPF, is defined in RFC 1584.
OTOperational Technology
OTDROptical Time Domain Reflectometer is an instrument that analyzes the light loss in an optical fiber network. This trouble shooting OTDR injects a short, intense laser pulse into the optical fiber and measures the reflection of light.
OTNOptical Transport Networks
OTVOverlay Transport Virtualization is used to extend a layer 2 Ethernet network over a WAN