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RAD Focus Products and Applications

For Service Providers, Critical Infrastructure and More

Here at Cutter Neworks we focus on RAD products. This focus page was created to highlight certain RAD products. There are different reasons they may be listed here. They may be newer products, larger sellers or simply products which we feel are particularily inovative.

Airmux 400 Point-to-Point Carrier-Class Radios

Airmux 400H High Capacity Radio With Integrated Antenna
Airmux 400P Series With Integrated Antenna
Airmux 400P Series for Use With an External Antenna for Greater Range

Airmux 5000 Point-to-Multi-Point Carrier-Class Radios (Airmux Mobility video)

Airmux-5000 PTMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) Microwave Base Station 250 Mbps Model With Integrated Antenna
Airmux-5000 PTMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) Microwave Subscriber Unit 100 Mbps Model With Integrated Antenna

ASMi Point to Point Modems for Data Delivery to Those Outer Edges of Your Coverage Footprint

ASMi-52 2/4-Wire SHDSL Modem That Operates in Full-Duplex Mode Over 2-Wire and 4-Wire Lines
ASMi-52L 2/4-Wire SHDSL Modem Point to Point Modem
ASMi-53 Managed SHDSL.bis Modem Transmitting Full-Duplex at Data Rates of Up to 5.7 Mbps Over 2-Wire, and 11.4 Mbps Over 2/4-Wire Lines
ASMi-54 2/4/8-Wire Full-Duplex Managed Modem Up to 5.7 Mbps Over 2-Wire and 22 Mbps Over 8-Wire
ASMi-54L Managed Modem Transmitting Full-Duplex at Data Rates of Up to 5.7 Mbps Over 2-Wire and 11.4 Mbps Over 4-Wire Lines

BE-1 Coax to Twisted Pair Converter for E1

DXC-5000 High Capacity Hybrid Cross-Connect

ETS-1-10G Ethernet Access Switch

ETX-1 Entry Level Ethernet Demarcation Switch

ETX-1p CPE for VPN and Cloud Access Services

ETX-102 Fast Ethernet Network Termination Unit

ETX-2 Carrier Ethernet Demarcation family -

The RAD ETX-2 family has several members including the ETX-203AX, ETX-203AM, ETX-205A, ETX-220A. Each of those family members includes numerous ordering options. The differences can be in the interfaces, networking capabilities, OAM and Diagnostic features, general management and more. Deciding which model is best for your application can be confusing. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements, however you can get a great deal of information from the following links.

ETX-2 Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Family overview

ETX-2 Selection Assistance Tool *very helpful

ETX-203AM Part Number Constructor Tool
ETX-203AX Part Number Constructor Tool
ETX-205A Part Number Constructor Tool
ETX-220A Part Number Constructor Tool

ETX-2i IP and Carrier Ethernet Demarcation with D-NFV Family Overview

ETX-2i Carrier Ethernet Demarcation With D-NFV Selection Assistance Tool

ETX‑2i‑10G 10G Ethernet Business & Cell-Site Gateway
ETX-2i-100g High Speed Carrier Ethernet Demarcation and Aggregation

ETX-2v Open vCPE White Box Platform by RAD

IPmux Family TDM T1, E1, E&M, FXS and FXO over IP

IPMux-1E TDMoIP Gateway for Transporting - E&M and More Over IP
IPmux-24 TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway - T1 or E1 over IP

Megaplex-1 / MP-1 Multiservice Pseudowire Access Gateway

Megaplex-2100 / MP-2104 MUX, DACs, and Integrated Access Device

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4 )Next Generation Multiservice Access Node

Megaplex-4100 ( MP-4 ) Modules for RAD Megaplex 4

Minature Smart RAD SFPs

MiCLK MiCLK 1588 Grandmaster on an SFP with Built-in GNSS from RAD
MiNID® SFP Smart Miniature Network Interface Device
MiRICi-E1T1 Intelligent Miniature SFP Ethernet to E1/T1 Remote Bridge
MiTOP-E1/T1 SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway for E1 or T1
MiTOP-E3/T3 SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway for E3 or T3
MiVDSL VDSL2 SFP for Any-PHY Platform

PowerFlow-2 Managed Ruggedized Ethernet Switch with Power over Ethernet

PowerFlow-2-10G Industrial 10G Core Switch

RICi Family for Ethernet Over T1 or E1

RICi-T1, RICi-E1 Intelligent Converters – Stand Alone Unit for Fast Ethernet LANs Over Single T1 or E1 Circuits
RICi-4T1, RICi-4E1, RICi-8E1 and RICi-8T1 for Fast Ethernet LANs Over 4 or 8 Bonded E1 or T1 Circuits
RICi-16 Fast Ethernet Over Up to 16 Bonded T1s or E1s in a Single Unit

SecFlow-1p Industrial IoT Gateway

SecFlow-1V ( SF-1v ) Ruggedized Industrial IoT Gateway Specifications

SecFlow®-4 Modular Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Ethernet Switch/Routerl

SecurityGateway VPN Aggregator, Router and Firewall

SFP-GPON-1DH Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

vCPE-OS Open Carrier Class Operating System for NetworkEdge Virtualization

Vmux-110 Voice Trunking Gateway for Remote Sites

RAD Legacy products

A Tradition of Reliable Products

Miscellaneous RAD items

Copper and Fiber Cables for Use With Your RAD Products

RADCare Enhanced Warranty and Support

RADCare - Your network more than just important to you, it is likely the lifeblood of your organization. Talk to us about your needs.

When it comes to purchasing, it is important that you purchase from someone who not only sells RAD products but understands them. It is important that you know where to buy RAD equipment and services.

RAD focus applications:

Air Traffic Control
IoT Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
Oil and Gas Applications
RDOF, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

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